Industrial HiVision 7.0 is released

Improve your productivity, security and network uptime using Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision to configure and monitor industrial Ethernet networks. Used in thousands of facilities around the world, it is a proven network management solution.

New features:

The new Network Dashboard provides a snapshot of network health and makes it easy to identify and fix problems. With an enhanced MultiConfig, you can simultaneously configure hundreds of devices, from any manufacturer, even while they are in operation.

  • Provides at-a-glance visibility of key network performance and security indicators with a visual Network Dashboard
  • Configures hundreds of SNMP-enabled devices from any manufacturer simultaneously, not just those from Hirschmann and GarrettCom, with a powerful MultiConfig feature

Free of Charge 16 Node Version:

With immediate effect we are providing a fully functional version of Industrial HiVision, with no time limit, free of charge.

The free of charge version has the following characteristics:

  • It can manage a maximum of 16 nodes.
  • It supports all functions offered by the paid version, except sub-domains.
  • Only one free of charge license can be used per installation.
  • The license cannot be combined with other licenses. So if an Industrial HiVision installation has a 16 node free of charge license, and a 32 node paid license, the system will support 32 nodes.
  • The license never expires.
  • Industrial HiVision v06.0.04 or more recent is required.

Although the license is free of charge, the Industrial HiVision installation must still be registered, in a similar way to a paid license. There is no Registration Code. The license portal now includes a new licensing option: “Create free of charge 16 node license”. The customer must enter the hardware key of the installation PC. Unlike a paid license, the free of charge license will not be displayed on screen. It will only be delivered by email, to ensure that the entered email address is valid.

The first Network Management System with Maritime Approval

After several years of effort and coordination, Industrial HiVision v6.x has become the world’s only Network Management Software to achieve DNV and GL approval for use in maritime environments. Industrial HiVision passed all tests in accordance with Germanische Lloyd Rules and Guidelines for the Use of Computer Systems Edition 2013. The certificate has been issued on the basis of GL Guidelines for the Performance of Type Approvals, Chapter 1 – Procedure (VI-7-1), Edition 2007.

In plain language, this means that GL has assessed and approved our development process, maintenance releases procedure, documentation, and customer issue handling. As a foundation of this approval, GL has inspected and confirmed full traceability of all features, test cases and issues. So what does this mean in our competitive world? The answer is simple but powerful. Yet again we have another innovative and unique solution for our customers. Only Hirschmann can offer a GL certified network solution, which reaches from the physical infrastructure right up to the network management system.