Une solution simple d’accès distant pour les réseau industriel (EN)

Productbutton_Secure-Remote-Access_GB_2016The Secure Remote Access Solution provides a protected cloud system that can be configured with minimal IT knowledge or assistance. Permanent internet protocol (IP) addresses are not required, and there is no need to reconfigure corporate firewalls. Thus, the system enables secure access for remote programming and diagnostics with no disruptions to existing systems.

The Secure Remote Access Solution allows customers to remotely access their sites in order to troubleshoot and fix problems. This reduces the need for travel and allows staff to work more efficiently by handling multiple systems simultaneously.

The Secure Remote Access Solution’s simple set-up, ease of use and secure technology make it ideal for the machine building industry, which often needs remote access to plants and machinery around the world.

Easy to implement – simple configuration settings allow those with limited technical knowledge to network devices together as part of the Industrial Internet of Things

Secure access – state of the art security technology results in a secure system without reconfiguring the corporate firewalls

Shorter response times for troubleshooting – immediate remote access and control of industrial networks to fix problems means more efficient and productive staff time and less network downtime

There are three parts to this easy-to-install system

  • GateManager – operates as a cloud service; hosted by Hirschmann or hosted by your company
  • SiteManager – makes it possible to connect remote devices to the GateManager cloud; runs on a Windows PC or Hirschmann GECKO switch hardware
  • LinkManager – provides secure, on-demand access to remote devices via the cloud

On the Secure Remote Access microsite you will find related software and documentation: www.sra.hirschmann.com.