The industrial networks installed to monitor your business applications are becoming more and more critical and complex. These are the key point of your process communication and need to be opened to other services, such as CCTV, telephony, security, …

The commissioning of your Ethernet network must be as efficient as possible to ensure a fast and fully functional commissionning. This implementation should allow easy maintenance for your on-duty teams, guarantee operational safety and be scalable in tune with your future needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial Ethernet’s networks, AB inter NET work helps you in taking up the implementation and validation challenges at national and international levels. We provide adapted and reliable services thanks to our knowledge of theory, strengthened in the field through a various range of experiences.

As Hirschmann’s privileged and certified partner, we give you advice; according to your infrastructure, goals and business, we implement and validate efficient network solutions; in addition, we can expand your technical skills by training your employees.

We commit our knowledge and expertise to ensure, on time, a successfull project.

Alain Bruant
Founder and network engineer for AB inter NET work