Since 2010, we provide assistance to the Escota’s Project Owner on its large field network.

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This network uses Hirschmann devices to ease the highways operators’s management, to transmit the emergency call network, to remote monitor lanes using CCTV, for automatic incident detection, for counting trucks, to display information on the Variable Message panels, to manage and display travel time on Variable Message Panels … mixing layer 2 in a MRP ring and layer 3 using OSPF and connected to Cisco routers for the centralization of the entire infrastructure.

Réseau routier Escota

Our mission is to assist the Project Manager in technical decisions, to define the architecturehardwares and the technical specifications, to control the integration of third-party companies (contractors) and to validate and troubleshoot the resulting networks using the RFC 2544. We have also animated trainings for the maintenance staff

This RHDI  network currently contains around 400 hardened switches on four sectors (Durance Valley, Provence, Var Esterel, Cote d’Azur). It is used to connect the various road’s equipments along the 459km of highways.

In 2011, the average annual traffic is about 6,719 million km traveled and Escota has invested over € 190 million to maintain and upgrade its road network.

Some additional numbers:

  • 22 service areas and 19 rest areas
  • 21 tunnels (40 tubes) cumulating 19 km and 50 viaducts
  • 365 water retention pools
  • Nearly 1,000 CTV cameras
  • An information center operated 24h/24, 7/7

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