The industrial or enterprise Ethernet networks are increasingly relying on fiber optic cabling.

It is more important than ever for contractor and end customers who implement and use optical fibers to certify and document their fiber optic cables to ensure they comply with the standards and to avoid network downtime and any financial loss.

Regardless of your cable company, we can perform the optical reflectometry of your facilities and provide related reports. We can work in singlemode (9/125μm) / multimode (OM1 to OM4 – 62,5/125μm and 50/125μm) according to your environment with accurate faults location, attenuations, lengths, and visual inspection of the end connectors.

The testing method include launch and tail fibers, a picture of the connector and a PDF report with source SOR files. The tests are performed using 850nm/1300nm for multimode fibers and using 1310nm/1550nm for singlemode fibers.OTDR event map

Interestingly, the report lecture is simplified and easily readable by a non expert thanks to the new Event Map graph showing precisely the measured points with PASS/FAIL and length. All this without having to read and understand the OTDR classical graph (of course, this one is still provided).

This can complete a Site Acceptance Test by providing, not only a certification of your digital assets (among others with RFC 2544 and a comprehensive configuration report), but also by certifying your core optical network (class 2 certification). You are then well equipped to face the next 10 years of life of your industrial network.

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