We provide our customers a unique* tool at the end of a technical assistance, during site / factory acceptance or during audit.

factory or site acceptance is usually done by controlling configuration of some switches amongst the configuration documentation. This can let some mistakes in others switches.


This tool gives you the opportunity to have a complete summary of all switch’s configuration (either done by us during a technical assistance or by a third party).
It allows you to easily pinpoint all errors, omissions or configuration issues.

This document is provided to you in the usual Microsoft Excel® format and will contain the following configuration parts:

  • Switchs tab:bandeau-CliReport-1
    • Naming information of devices (IP, mask, gateway, name, location, contact, prompt),
    • HiperRing or MRP ring redundancy showing you easily the  Ring Manager
    • RSTP redundancy
    •  Ring Coupling redundancy showing you easily the switchs on which this redundancy is activated (here, some devices have ring coupling configuration but not active – it should be cleared or activated)
    • SNMP TRAP destination and SNMPv1/v2 communities
    • some global switchs parameters (admin vlan, aging time, macfilter…


    • SNMP agent priority
    • SNTP Client and Server
    • IGMP (here it is not configured the same way on all switches and moreover it is not activated even if it is configured)


    • Routing (the first 2 devices are routers using OSPF in the aread-id and VRRP is configured on this 2 ones)
    • OSPF
    • RIP
    • VRRP
    • Errors reporting (dry contact and web interface)
    • Traffic shaping (2 devices have broadcast control configured)
    • Port mirroring (1 device has port mirroring activated which consume ressources if it is not useful)
    • Syslog
    • Device type and firmware release
    • Temperature :  min/max threshold

[/tab] [tab title=”‘Vlans’ tab”]


  • Vlans tab:
    • all the ones that are defined showing you easily the routed ones
    • Color assignment  per vlan (orange for admin vlan)
    • (you can see here that some vlans are not configured everywhere ; that vlan 31 is not configured in the 2nd device and the last ones ; that the vlan 1 does not have always the same name)

[/tab] [tab title=”‘Interfaces’ tab”]

  • Finally, the interface tab that displays each switch’s port with

    • Module/Port,
    • Assigned name (usually the device connected to) with a color background according to the assigned vlan (orange for vlan 1, gray for uplinks ports, …)
    • Port status (autonegociation, speed, connection propagation, shutdown status)
    • RSTP : state, cost,  admin and auto edge
    • Vlans : ingress and egress – a correct configuration is reported by the vlan’s color assigned on the port name –  otherwise the port name stays clear
    • 802.1p priority
    • IGMP
    • For routed interfaces: status, ip and proxy-arp
    • VRRP : vrid, priority and virtual IP

[/tab] [/tab_container]

To generate these reports, it is not necessary for us to be locally present on your site, simply order this prestation and then provide us the results of the Hirschmann CollectTool. We will send back as soon as possible the resulting Excel reports to you.

* This tool is internally developed and enhanced based on configurations on which we operate. It is now running in the 3rd major release and it should integrate in a short time a better compatibility with the new MSP and RSP products line.