The Hirschmann certifications are the first program of its kind in the field of industrial Ethernet. Whether you want to validate your technological knowledge or a product-specific expertise, Hirschmann can give you exactly the certification you need.

As an official Hirschmann France trainer, we transmit you our knowledge through the Hirschmann seminars (see trainings’ catalog) for you to be able to pass the certification (online). The trainer itself is certified at the highest level of the certification’s pyramid as HiSE (Hirschman System Engineer) and HiNE (Hirschman Network Engineer).

The certification pyramid is made up of 3 parts.

Specialist level: basic skills
Professional level: advanced skills
Engineer level: complete expertise

List of Technological Certifications

They qualify the knowledge…

Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Specialist

This first qualification step confirms the basic skills in the implementation of Ethernet, redundancy, VLANs and quality of service. A Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet (HiES) specialist is capable of mastering switched networks, detecting, locating and rectifying faults quickly and efficiently.

Recommended training: Industrial Ethernet (CT1)
Required: HiES exam

List of product certifications

They qualify the know-how…

Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist

The Hirschmann range of RailSwitches includes all level 2 switches that are usually installed in the immediate vicinity of industrial automation systems and machines (DIN rail format, 19′ or other). This broad technological spectrum further diversifies the expertise of the Hirschmann Industrial Switches Specialist (HiSS). (This certification includes Rail, MICE, Octopus and MACH1000 switches as well as the level 2 functions of the MACH4000 / PowerMICE).

Recommended training : Product training RailSwitch family (CP1)
Requirements : HiRS Exam