MSP40 Full Gigabit Layer 3 Switch

Handle today’s data transmission demands and be prepared for future increases in bandwidth requirements with Hirschmann’s MSP40 switch.

The MSP40 switch enables high-speed communication – from single Gigabit speeds up to 2.5 Gigabit speeds – depending on your needs. The device’s design is flexible and modular, making it simple to upgrade to 10 Gigabit speeds in the future. With hot swappable ports, you can easily maintain and update your live network to limit downtime.

For high-power applications, such as pan-tilt-zoom cameras, a new Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) module is also available to deliver an additional 120 watts of power per module.

Product Features

  • Select from various port speeds and types, including up to 28 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports – far more than other compact modular switches on the market

  • Easily upgrade the modular ports to meet future high-speed data transmission needs with a  2.5 GE 4x ports option, currently available only in Belden and Hirschmann products (future upgrades will include 10 Gigabit speeds)
  • Operate in harsh, space-constrained applications through a compactly designed, high-grade metal/aluminum housing that can mount on DIN rails
  • Deliver up to 120 watts of more power through a new PoE+ module
  • Use in both legacy copper networks and newer fiber cabling networks
  • Assemble without tools via a click-in mechanism/module
  • Enable simple configuration and diagnosis using HiDiscovery, Industrial HiVision or web interface
  • This product is available with hardware up to L3A integrating dynamic Unicast routing (-UR) and dynamic Multicast routing (-MR) – thus providing full wire-speed routing

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