New firmware : Hirschmann™ HiLCOS 9.0 S

Hirschmann™ HiLCOS 9.0 Software ensures maximum network availability and data security across wireless connections

HiLCOS_9.0_PB_KV_INIT_HIR_1214_EMEA.jpgThe latest enhancements to the HiLCOS Software – which support Hirschmann’s entire OpenBAT family ofWLAN devices – enables network managers to confidently maintain secure and reliable wireless connections.

In challenging industrial environments – from transportation to energy to machine building – the HiLCOS 9.0 software enables network communication across long distances.

New security features, including a wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS), protected management frames (PMF) and firewall with stateful packet inspection (SPI) for bridged traffic, enable the OpenBAT devices to quickly detect malicious behavior and protect the network from internal and external threats.

Secure connections
Protects WLAN network traffic flow and limits exposure to internal and external threats

Simple deployment
Easy implementation of a wireless backbone network with the automatic wireless distribution system (AutoWDS)

Maximum network uptime
Redundancy mechanisms, including Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), ensure reliable wireless connections and high network availability

More information on our new HiLCOS 9.0 Software can be found here: