The release 5.1 of industrial Hivision is about to come out


The beta release of industrial Hivision is currently being tested by beta-testers.

The final release should be ready in the next 2 months.

New features  :

  • Support for HiMobile
  • New protocol: Modbus/TCP
  • Display of leased licenses
  • Status of Domains updated
  • Additional information in lists ‘Devices’, ‘Ports’ and ‘Connections’
  • Display of the time in the GUI
  • Home View
  • Location in device related events (default: disabled)
  • Status of connections now included the reachability of the devices
  • Userdefined properties: dialog non modal
  • Additional MultiConfig™ functionality
    • BATs
    • EAGLE 20/One
      • Packet Filter – Address Templates
      • Configure firewall rules on multiple devices
    • QR Code Generator
    • New devices:
      • EAGLE One
      • GarrettCom 10RX
      • Schneider Electric M580: Backplane Rack Grouping
  • New language:
    • Indonesian