Industrial Hivision 5.1 is available !

The latest version of Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management software configures multiple firewalls simultaneously and offers improved module functionalities.

HiVision_Web-Pic.jpgNew Industrial HiVision 5.1 offers effective device management for manufacturer-specific applications and generic open network management platforms
Increasing network availability

Version 5.1 of Industrial HiVision is designed to configure and supervise networks of Hirschmann and/or any SNMP-capable devices while increasing network availability by providing a visual status of the network topology. A key benefit of the new version is that it offers faster and easier configuration of firewalls.

  • Greater flexibility: multiple firewalls can be configured simultaneously, even if those firewalls are not supporting identical rule sets.
  • Faster and reliable configuration of multiple BATs: through MultiConfig™ for BAT family devices
  • Maximized license period for the Annual Maintenance Plan: the validity period of the plan now starts from the date first used, not the date of purchase

Support and improvements for HiFusion and HiMobile
In addition to the increased functionality in Industrial HiVision, version 5.1 also offers greater support and improvements in its HiFusion and HiMobile modules, making them more effective.

  • HiFusion is a stand-alone application for the integration of third-party devices into Industrial HiVision
  • HiMobile is a client for Industrial HiVision running on mobile devices using iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating systems. This app improves network availability by allowing users to access status information about switches from almost anywhere

More information on the new Industrial HiVision 5.1 network management software can be found at: www.hivision.de