Hirschmann™ presents the new HiOS 3.0 operating system for industrial Ethernet switches

Maximum network availability and all-round protection against network attacks
Unique redundancy and security functions in the new Hirschmann operating system (HiOS) 3.0 bring improved data security and the highest level of network availability, while ensuring cost-effective production processes. HiOS extends the range of potential applications for industrial Ethernet switches from Hirschmann. This is particularly relevant to the energy sector, through use of an IEC61850 server and MMRP support by integrating switches seamlessly into a variety of sector-related applications. Many other industries can also benefit from an operating system that completely redefines the performance of automation networks.


  • pecially developed with the requirements of automation networks in mind, HiOS 3.0 supports the RSP, RSPL, RSPS and EES families of Hirschmann switches, as well as the modular MSP systems. This means that these switches are ideally suited for applications that demand maximum network availability, typically found in automobile manufacturing, transportation and energy sectors.

    Not only does HiOS 3.0 bring the largest range of standard functions in the automation area, it also has a number of special features. These include support for the Multiple MAC Registration Protocol (MMRP), which runs on top of the Security Layer and registers group MAC addresses (e.g. for Multicast) on multiple switches. In the energy sector, an IEC61850 server can be used to transfer diagnostic information directly to control systems, for example. This means that applications such as protection devices can utilize Hirschmann switches as integral components.

    The redundancy methods provided by HiOS 3.0 — parallel redundancy protocol (PRP) and high-availability seamless redundancy (HSR) — have switching times of 0 ms to ensure uninterrupted data communication. This operating system also supports link aggregation and allows combinations of multiple rings, which insures fast network redundancy while meeting relevant standards.

    Supported security mechanisms include authentication, RADIUS, role-based access, port security, SSHv2, HTTPS, SFTP and ACL. Comprehensive management and diagnostic facilities, plus precise synchronization compliant with IEEE 1588v2, are further distinctive features found in HiOS 3.0 In short, this operating system turns Hirschmann switches into the most powerful industrial Ethernet devices the market has to offer.

    More detailed information on our new HiOS 3.0 operating system – running on the RSP, RSPL, RSPS and EES families of switches plus the modular MSP systems – can be found here:

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