Round-the-clock service for increased network availability

The new 24×7 Technical Support Plan guarantees help with network problems, at any time and at any place, worldwide. It enhances the availability of Ethernet infrastructures built around devices from the Hirschmann and GarrettCom product ranges, and improves the productivity of your business processes. 

Should problems arise, you can request support anywhere in the world, around the clock, 365 days a year, using national telephone numbers that are reserved exclusively for the 24×7 Technical Support Plan, or – with top priority – via the Online Help Desk Service.

You can make use of exclusive phone numbers and our online service help desk. Both are reserved exclusively for the new combined Hirschmann™/GarrettCom® service. Unlike the contact details for ordinary toll-free support lines that are only available on weekdays during regular business hours, customers that have a 24×7 technical support plan receive priority service.

The 24×7 Technical Support Plan is site-based and covers a Local Area Network (LAN). The annual fee is based on the list price of your installed equipment. Together with additional information, such as the network topology and configuration files, the device overview on which the fee is based also enables us to provide you with immediate and comprehensive assistance.

Visit the Technical Support to find out more about our new round-the-clock service.