Hirschmann ™ introduces the new relay optical bypass OBR40

Protecting Ethernet fiber-optic networks against multiple switch failures

OBR40.jpgIf network availability is your top priority, the OBR40 optical bypass relay is the perfect solution. Even if the power fails simultaneously on a number of switches, your network, with the exception of the directly affected applications, will continue to be available – and hence practically of your processes.

You can even rely on this when power is cut off to the OBR40 itself. An internal switching mechanism ensures that the bypass function is effectively activated automatically – regardless of the data rate and protocol. You can also use the relay to switch off specific system components, for example, to perform maintenance on individual turbines in a wind farm, while data communication to the remaining turbines remains intact.

Mountable on DIN rails, the robust OBR40 can be used in fiber-optic networks with line or ring topology. All you have to do is connect it to the uplink ports of a switch. If the power supply fails, or falls below a configurable value, the bypass function is activated and the switch is bypassed.

You can also use a control contact to trigger the function at will. A switch-on delay ensures that a previously bridged switch seamlessly rejoins the network. In other words, the boot process is completed and incoming data packets are passed on immediately.

The optical bypass relay OBR40 has four duplex fiber optic connections that are available for various fiber types (multi-mode 62.5/125 µm, multi-mode 50/125 µm, single-mode 9/125 µm). Other features include an IP30 protection rating, an operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, and a redundant 24 VDC power supply. In addition, the status of the relay and its power supplies are displayed on LEDs on the front panel and also reported via a potential-free signal contact.

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