Belden FTP update

[one_half first]Belden, by the voice of Benoit Minvielle, is updating its FTP server to add the following :


  • R5.0.01


  • R8.0.03
  • Eagle 5.2.01
  • HiOS R2.0.04
  • BAT & OpenBAT LCOS 8.80


  • IG_SPIDER_II_07_1013_en.pdf
  •  IG_MACH104_PoEP_06_1113_en.pdf
  •  IG_MACH104_06_1113_en.pdf
  •  IG_BAT-R_05_1113_en.pdf

[box type=”info”]The release 5.0.01 of industrial HiVision was highly anticipated as to correct many youth defects (among other things, a problem of excessive resource consumption and a problem of corruption of the database when adding a PSM generated with HiFusion).

My advice : always test your PSM in a test environment before putting it into production.[/box][/one_half]
[one_half][iconbox_top title=”Fixes in version 05.0.01″ icon=”Pencil.png”]

  • Fixed issue delayed received traps in the event list
  • Fixed perfomance issue
  • Fixed CORBA.COMM_FAILURE during GUI start
  • Fixed Rapid Spanning Tree Status Update for devices with HiOS Firmware 01.x.xx and higher
  • Fixed ColdStart Trap: Reload device and Reload properties
  • Fixed issue while creating a connection between two different subfolders
  • Missing MultiConfig™ Parameters in PRP and HSR Dialogs added
  • Redundancy Status (MRP) added for devices with HiOS Firmware 01.x.xx and higher
  • Missing MultiConfig™ Property for SSH – RSA present
  • Different minor fixes