Audit of DRT site

We were initially called for troubleshooting and auditing the Hirschmann network of the DRT company (Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques – company specialized in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin) on their Vielle Saint Girons’ site

Logo DRT

La riche année de DRTDRT is specialized since 1932 in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin. With an undeniable and ongoing efforts to diversify skills, DRT sourcing of products with high added value more than twenty industries, first and foremost perfumes, adhesives, rubber, gum, food supplements … A range of over 250 products used in everyday life by consumers around the world.

Since 2011, we helped them to develop the Ethernet network of this Seveso site (this site is under directive 96/82/EC of 9th December 1996 on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances – also named Seveso II Directive, after the Seveso disaster).

In 2011 and in 2012, we set up trainings for the maintenance staff, made advices for hardware changes and we have led the network’s technical documentation. We also helped them on the implementation of the SNMP supervision software industrial Hivision®.

After the interconnection of the three sites of Castets ,Vielle Saint Girons and Lesperon in 2013, we conducted a full audit with sites’ visits and we also proposed hints of improvement.

The new interconnected architecture consists now of three core networks with 9 optical rings and more than a hundred Hirschmann switches.