Acceptance tests of the Prado Sud tunnel in Marseille with Santerne

Santerne_logoAfter a successful Factory acceptance tests with the future operator of the Prado Sud Tunnel in february inside Santerne’s office in Marseille,  we have now performed the Site acceptance tests of the tunnel control command network…

2-3 TPS 2

This Ethernet network consists of twenty Hirschmann switches. A layer 2 network with a redundant optical backbone, it includes a redundant routing point for inter-vlans communication.
The initial mission included the completion of the configuration, writing assistance of the acceptance documents, and the factory acceptance tests themselves as well as RFC2544 measurement and tests office with the project manager and the project owner. The result was an  unconditional acceptation. This is now the final acceptance on site with the real optical backbone along the 1,3km distance of the tunnel.

2-3 TPS 3As for the A86 tunnel (on which we provided technical assistance during the three years of the network implementation), the Prado Sud tunnel is a one-way traffic using 2 levels (lower and upper). But instead of using a tunneling machine (a single tube for the A86 tunnel), this one is based on excavation and operation from the ground.

Each level includes 2-way 3m wide and a maximum of 3.2 m high vehicles (allowing motorcycles but prohibits trucks). This tunnel will complete the Marseille 6km underground tunnels crossing to ease congestion and improve surface traffic flow.

The construction is carried out by a joint venture of Vinci Construction and Eiffage Travaux Publics. The management of the tunnel will be performed by the Société Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carenage: Vinci Concessions, Vinci and Eiffage SA.

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