Network validation for PSA Peugeot Citroën

Since 2011, we have the privilege of working into exclusivity with the French car manufacturer: PSA Peugeot Citroën  for the validation of its industrial Ethernet networks installed in new facilities.

We operate in all new installations throughout France and abroad (Russia, Slovakia and China for the moment) to ascertain and certify the proper functioning of the industrial network and the quality of work of the various integrators (Clemessy, Cegelec, Spie, Inéo, 5 Cinétics, Taikisha, Dürr, …) with PSA. For that purpose, the Site Acceptance Test of a network consists of the following:

  • Comprehensive review of all the network’s boxes of the installation with photos included in destination of the world PSA factory manager. We control up to 36 implementation’s rules by the PSA technical specifications,
  • Quick network audit by sniffing the traffic (with configuration of IGMP filtering if needed)
  • Comprehensive configuration report to check that the contractor did the configuration according to PSA prerequisites,
  • Configuration check of the SNMP network monitoring software : Industrial HiVision,
  • Backup with internal archive of all configurations – as well as the industrial HiVision project,
  • Redundancy check (visual and by software) and measurement
  • RFC2544 measurement to control that the network is stable and able to carry a maximum traffic without packet loss.
  • Signing of acceptante sheets by the contractor, the local PSA manager and AB inter NET work
  • Document written to report any notification / non-compliance detected on the field.

Rapport d'audit PSA

In November 2011, PSA has renewed its confidence and allows us to propose new services to contractors including configuration,  commissioning in addition to the validation. We also conducted dedicated trainings to PSA maintenance staff.

In September 2013, responding to requests issued by countries other than France, we add the possibility to perform the optical reflectometry to control that the fiber is installed in respect to rules of art.