Technical assistance on the A86 tunnel

We worked for 3 years with the GEM (economic group) to the commissioning of the SSCC network (Supervision System and Control Commands) for the A86 tunnel near by Paris.


The Duplex A86 is a ten kilometers highway tunnel composed of two unidirectional and superimposed road levels to prevent the possibility of a frontal collision, hence the name “Duplex”. Cofiroute is the concession manager up to 2079. (now part of VINCI Concessions).

It is the longest road tunnel entirely  located on the French territory.

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Tunnel A86 - GEM - 6

With the A86 Duplex, drivers will appreciate that the path from Rueil-Malmaison to Jouy-en-Josas takes today just 10 minutes, against a minimum of 45 minutes using the usual roads.

For this project, the mission was initially (in 2008) to conduct an audit of the site’s problems, correct and standardize Hirschmann switches configurations. The network is build using 4 main rings and 8 tunnel rings, with more than 200 switches. The SSCC (Centralized Technical Management kind) network is used to carry also the Emergency Call Network, the CCTV traffic and IP telephony.

Maquette du tunnel A86The mission was then extended to cover and document all Hirschmann devices on this site (not only the SSCC ones – to cover the Emergency Call Network and the IP telephony network ) and implement, in addition to technical assistancestandardization of the technical documentation to ease the maintenance.

It was completed in 2009 with the technical assistance of the second phase of implementation.

Duplex A86 Architecture Réseaux

This mission ended the 7th of july 2010 when the project was given back to the Project Owner and the GEM was dissolved.